The Safest Rubber Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors


In a house, wood flooring is regarded as probably the most high-class components. Some kinds of hardwood floors can cost upwards of $75 a square foot. For this reason, a lot of people explore all possible ways that they can preserve their fine hardwood flooring.
Many people buy area rugs to make their floor look much more stylish and elegant. But, there is a chance that the rug may slip on a smooth surface or get scratched. if you are using a quality pvc or rubber rug pad,  it should prevent your rugs and floors to get damaged. However, not all the rug pads are equal – some rug pads are less expensive and can harm your expensive hardwood and also your new rug as well. To avoid buying such pads, here are a few tips that will help you get a great rug pad for your hard wood floor.

Stuff that can affect the performance of a rug pad.

If you’ve got recently done your flooring with polyurethane and other finishes, lots of sellers would give you advice to wait patiently for 3 weeks prior to deciding to put any type of rug pad in order to avoid discoloration. However, some would tell that organic polymer rug pads are superior to rubber based pads will never cause any color trouble for your wood.  I disagree wit this.  Solid Rubber Rug Pad
Cheap rugs can potentially melt because of heated flooring. In such case, you need to get a rug pad made of felt or natural rubber or the combination of the two. Also, one should avoid placing a rug in the heated up places like vent or valve.  Most rubber rug pads are not actually rubber, but rather pvc and synthetic alternatives.

Humidity is another culprit in causing damage to hardwood floors. At the same time, low-quality rug pads have a tendency to store some water and moisture which can eventually cause bacteria. Using a natural rubber rug pad can avoid mold accumulation, which could give your house unpleasant odors. There are also many PVC pads which may keep your hardwood flooring from mold accumulation.

Never opt for Low-Quality Pads

Low cost tags can be very fascinating to any homeowner. However, it’s not at all always advisable to go cheap, specifically if you are dealing with hardwood. Rubber rug padding which have been made from substandard quality materials are not manufactured to last for very long, and perhaps they are not really tested for wear and tear. Also, these cheap rugs don’t usually have any warranty, which would result in total frustration if the pad causes any damage to the rug or your floor. You need to always prefer investing in a premium rubber rug pad from a trustworthy manufacturer.   My first recommendation would be a natural rubber rug pad from either Jade industries or rug pad USA.

Don’t Use Adhesives

You will find quite a few rug pads that are supposed to be adhered to the floor through the use of spraying adhesives.  These china manufactured pvc pads are not made with rubber, and are enhanced with adhesives that are potentially harmful. On one hand it might be helpful to avoid the rug pad from slipping, but it can also result in a discolored hardwood floors. As well, these adhesives can also be a huge pain assuming you need to get new rug pads over time. Instead, you could use a rubber rug pad to hold it from slipping.

Getting Eco-Friendly

The modern global trend is to buy only eco-friendly products.  Natural based rubber rug pads that are created from felt, PVC, and polymer are a nice alternative for synthetic area and natural rubber rug pads. With no doubts, these rug pads are proven and tested to be incredibly durable. Also, they give additional cushioning to the floor. Also, you can use these rug pads on any surface without worrying about the type of the floor and your rug or floor would not even get any discoloration.

Thicker And More Cushioned Rug Pads: The Reasons Why You Should Utilize Them

Having high-class woven rugs can add an extra touch of elegance to your lounge room, however these decorative items might not last for a very long time without rug pads, since these pads provide a firm foundation to rugs. With the help of these rag pads, luxurious carpets can last longer, as they protect carpets from deterioration. A rag pad protects your carpet from being unraveled by lessening undesirable carpet slipping and friction. Not surprisingly, carpet protection does not end with buying just any sort of rug pad. When you are getting a rug pad, it is essential that you pick a pad that would work best with your carpet. With their capabilities, rag pads have helped today’s carpet world in a lot of different ways. Should you be considering to purchase rug pads, it’s best that you consider these pointers.

Dimensions Of Rug Pad

The rug pad’s size is by far one of the most important factors that you have to put into consideration, when searching for a rug pad. In this case, your pad must not be bigger and longer than your rug since it would reduce your rug’s aesthetic appeal and value. It is advisable for you to pick a rug pad that needs to be at least one inch lesser in width and length. By having the right pad dimensions for your rag or carpet, you get a serviceable and functional pad that will not look boring, gruesome and ugly. Make sure to avoid buying a rug pad that’s smaller and shorter than your rug, because it can become useless and ineffectual.

Kind of Rug Pad

Generally speaking, there are two types of rug pads, there are thinner simple rug pads and thicker, cushioned rug pads. The most basic form of rug pad is the thinner rug pad. Thin rug pads might feel a lot stiffer when you put it under your rug or carpet since these kinds of pads are mostly made out of rubber. In addition, the stiffness doesn’t necessarily help as most of these rubber rug pads usually crumble at the 4 corners or at times become too gummy when exposed to liquids.

The thick rug pad or cushioned rug pad usually have a foam insert to emphasize the softness of the rug. As opposed to thin rug pads, cushioned pads are very soft and comfortable. Even though these pads are soft and gentle, they are actually thicker and can provide your rug with the exact traction and support, which would avert carpet slipping.

Opt For Thick Premium Rug Pads

Regardless of your personal choices, a thick rug pad can offer everything you need from a rug pad. Thick rug pads, as the name implies, have the appropriate thickness level to deliver good support and foundation to the carpet or rug you’re using. The only important point that you have to take into consideration, when buying a thick rug pad, is the quality your rug pad. There are a few thick rug pads that are included with foam materials so as to add an extra level of comfort of real softness, but make sure to opt for a rug pad that isn’t too soft, as too much softness decreases or compromise the pad’s resilience and durability. Hence, you should choose a thick rug pad that’s made from a well constructed foam settings in order to avoid these problems from happening. If you are looking for a store that offers a wide array of excellent quality rug pads with sufficient foam and cushion, it’s best that you go to Basically, this web store sells plenty of optimum lock and superior lock pads that would not simply ensure your rug’s protection, but would also help increase the lifespan of your carpet or rag. Through the help of these superior quality rug pads, there’s no need for you to be worried about your rug’s life expectancy and you also get to enjoy the ton of benefits of having them around.

Choosing the most appropriate rug pad for Hardwood Floors


Getting a suitable rug pad for your expensive hardwoods is necessary. In case you just purchase a pad randomly without considering the finishing products used for your flooring, it may even damage your floor. Moving heavy furniture from one place to another may cause indentation, but you can avoid it by picking the right material for safeguarding your hardwood floor. but, weighty furniture or appliances isn’t the only reason behind floor damage and scratches. Mostly, even walking over a low-quality rug pad may do a significant damage as well. That is why one should research well before purchasing a rug pad and also follow the manufacturer‚Äôs guidelines precisely. Aside from its capacity to protect your floor from dents and scratching, it is going to anchor your rug to the floor, preventing accidents.

Most rug pads made of PVC material are believed to be as the most damaging pads. PVC rug pads, which you’ll find usually exported from China, undergo highly chemical production process. To get high quality, a really meticulous proper coating procedure must be performed. In most cases, PVC rug pad sold in the market are not really up to the standard of a top quality rug pad. Because of this, at the time of removing these pads, people observe spots, scratches along with other damage to the floor, You can find different alternative rug pads that can be used rather than using a low quality PVC pad. The three most reliable and best performing pads that I have come across are as follows. Organic polymer pad certainly is the first name which comes to mind. Organic polymer rug pads are a little thinner compared to the other rug pads as a consequence of having a cheap price tag, however they are now making them a little thicker than before. Besides being thin, there are no issues related to the coating also it can be changed or removed with no damage to the floor. Organic polymer rug has is 1/8 inch thick that is exactly what required for places where height could be an issue. Since it is thin, there isn’t any issue in opening or closing the doors.

If you are looking for a cushioned rug pad, you should pick a pad made of 100% felt. Since it is manufactured from 100% felt, there won’t be any stains or scratches on the floor. This means that you will not need to face indentations or any ugly looking scratches. A quick tip though. You should always consider the weight of the felt rug pad and pick the one with higher ounces as it is the key factor that helps in protecting your floor. A standard idea is to look for a pad that is approximately a forty-ounce.

An increasingly popular choice among many home-owners is a regular natural rubber rug pad. Because this kind of rug pad is made from natural rubber material, it is more superior than others that are made of felt. These rug pads do not often slip, resulting in no dents or marks on your hardwood flooring. Also, when jute material and natural rubber combines, they provide an incredible durability and protection. On the other hand, stability is another great feature of rubber-jute rug pads.

When deciding on the ideal rug pad for hardwood flooring, you must remember that there are three characteristics that you must find. It should have the capability to keep the rug in any position stable on the floor. Second, it has to provide the floor ultimate protection from any kinds of damage and last however, not the least a rug pad should also be designed to offer ample cushioned assistance to prevent damage. Good Luck!

Significance Of Purchasing The Appropriate Size For Your Rug Pad


We all should have a rug pad under our area rug. You might be asking yourself, How small or big is the size that I should use for my rug pad?‚This question must have been clarified in different ways and the answers are quite varied from one person to another.

Determining and acquiring the suitable dimensions of a rug pad isn’t very difficult, here are some things that you need to do:

1. You can accurately determine the precise height and width of your area rugs using a tape measure.

2. Buy a rug pad that is roughly 1 inch shorter on all sizes of your area rug. If you are not entirely certain of the dimensions of your rug, then the smartest thing you can do is to purchase a much larger dimension and cut it yourself.

3. You can achieve your pad‚ideal dimensions by laying your pad on a flat floor, determine and cut the pad using your pair of scissors.

4. To save you time, there are stores, for example Rug Pad USA, who does this for you, so you do not have to go through the hassles of trimming and measuring.

The facts about the best size rug pad for rugs is that the rug pad should measure less than your rug. Rug pads are a bit thick, that is why the corner of the rug should stay flat against the floor. If you allow any part of the rug pad to show, trips and slides may occur. Exposing the pads and not putting them in place can also make the rugs look crumpled and curled and can be pretty displeasing in the eyes.

You can have your rug pad cut down, like one or two inches from the initial size of the area rug. In the event that your rug measurements are 6’9′ x 9’7′, then your pad‚ should have 6’7′ x 9’5′ measurement.

The rug pad must be designed to be fully covered by the rug, by doing so, your rug is in place and you and your family won’t trip when stepping on it. It is not proper to see the pad protruding on the edge of your rug. It does not matter if the pad isn’t the same size as the rug since it can still function without any problems.

Now, you are enlightened on the importance of getting the best dimensions of your rug pad. Most of the online stores are selling rug pads but are providing them in regular sizes and they leave it to you if you would like to trim your pad. This can be pretty challenging based on the kind of rug pad that you buy. Choose scissors that can endure heavy trimming. Rug Pad USA offers special services where you don’t have to perform the trimming, since they will trim it for you based on the dimensions that you will indicate. They are aware how troublesome it is to trim your own rug pad, by purchasing your rug pad from them, all you have to do is give out the dimensions of the pad that you want and they will do it for you.

Selecting A Rug Pad – Factors You Should Know


Some people may not think of this as very essential, but selecting the ideal rug pad depending on the kind of rug and surface flooring that you possess is extremely important. Because every kind of rug pad is created for a specific variety of rug and surface flooring, you must avoid getting the incorrect one to prevent it from creating scrapes on your floors. This is very true with polyurethane flooring. Here are a few rug pads that you can find currently. A common belief for most rug pad shoppers is assuming that rug pads are manufactured from just one material, which is not at all true.

Reused jute pads, organic rug pads, jute and rubber pads, PVC rug pads, solid jute rug pads, nylon and polyester pads and rubber rug pads are the famous types of rugs today.

Reused materials are the main components of Recycled jute rug pads. This sort of rug pad is made from odor-free, allergy free substances and is immune to harmful microorganisms. You can recognize if this sort of rug pads are of the best quality through its heaviness, the lesser the heaviness the lesser the product quality. Reused jute rug pads are generally ideal for all types of flooring surfaces, that is why they are the most ideal rug pads for hardwood flooring. However, don’t forget that while this type of rug pad can be fairly cozy, they can also be somewhat slippery and can just be used under rugs that won’t slip.


The exterior has a certain quality that allows the pad to stick to your rug and the base is composed of robust rubber which can supply proper traction force on your floor. The supplies that you could utilize for this kind of pad is either organic or man-made.

Open weave non-slip rug pads are amongst the most popular pads, and can be produced from a variety of components. Some of the components often used for this type of rug pads include polyester, rubber, nylon and PVC. With these substances, you can definitely steer clear of slips and skids, nonetheless, always choose carefully when searching for the best material for you. Those that are squirted with adhesives or any bonding agent, can cause scrapes and marks on your surface floor.

The assortment of pads in the market is immeasurable, that is why you must choose circumspectly, to ensure that your flooring is free from scarring and scrapes. Hunting for pads that are ideal for hardwood surfaces takes too much time and effort. Do not hesitate to verify and investigate further, in the case of searching for rug pads for hard wood floors, since this can allow you to avoid dents and marks on your surface floors. Here are some of tips that you can do during your hunt for the perfect rug pad for wood floors.

Stay away from any type of adhesives! Rug pads are sprayed with adhesives so that they do not move about. Don’t use such pads. Something definitely bad will happen to your hardwood surface floors should you use cheap bulk produced rug pads, since they can result in scratches and yellowing.

Keeping that in mind, never pick rug pads that are manufactured from plastic, synthetic rubber or foam. You can cause severe scrapes and tarnish your wood surface floors. Even though you can still get PVC pads that are high quality and still function well with your wooden floors, organic rubber is your hope in raising the lifespan of this type of floors. Your flooring’s lifespan will surely decrease if you opt for latex sprayed pads.